What's Canoe Ventures?

Canoe Ventures was founded by the major U.S. cable operators in 2008 to develop a national platform for advanced, interactive advertising.

In that role, Canoe is a liaison with interactive TV developers who want to create applications based on EBIF technology. Specifically, Canoe will offer these applications for use by networks that want to insert interactivity into national programming or advertising.

Initially, Canoe's interactive TV footprint will be a subset of the cable industry's total EBIF footprint. Canoe's footprint will ramp up as connectivity between MSO and network partners to Canoe's iTV platform is established. A key focus for 2010 is to align Canoe's footprint with MSO partners—Canoe's iTV footprint will eventually reach all EBIF-enabled set-top boxes.

As an agent of the country's major cable operators, Canoe Ventures will leverage iTV to enhance national programming content. Canoe will enable content partners and their marketing clients to utilize iTV applications for reaching cable viewers across the country—no matter which MSO services them—for a truly national iTV footprint.

How Can You Work with Canoe?

Canoe Ventures' network relations team works with content owners to empower them with Canoe's iTV products through a comprehensive Network Activation program that includes:

  1. A thorough assessment of the entire operations and business process.
  2. An "on-boarding" process to ensure necessary technical systems are upgraded and fully integrated.
  3. Training of sales and operations personnel in Canoe's end-to-end ad management solution.

How it works: An agency/advertiser who wants to use iTV products on a national scale should work directly with one of Canoe Ventures' network partners. Our network partners will work with an advertiser or agency to create an iTV campaign that runs on Canoe's national iTV platform.

Although Canoe is not a traditional media sales organization, our client relations team can and will work with advertisers and their agencies to facilitate these communications, at all stages of the iTV ad-buying and creative process.

Want more information? Ready to get started? E-mail Canoe Ventures for more information, or call 212-364-3611 and ask for the Canoe Ventures Network Relations team.

Or visit our web site at www.canoe-ventures.com.