What Technology Suppliers Are Involved in EBIF?

Suppliers & Support

Do you want to join the enhanced TV revolution? Here is a directory of technology supplier companies that offer software and support for ETV/EBIF application development and delivery. EBIF.tv and the suppliers have listed products and services that are available for sale or license, based upon the following development activities:

  • Create: Software to develop and design an app (includes authoring tools, templates, apps development software)
  • Deliver: Technology that sends an app through a cable system (carousels, generators, streamers)
  • Play: Set-top software that runs apps (EBIF user agents)
  • Fulfill: Tools to manage and measure apps (monitoring, data collection, measurement)
  • Support: Other components and services (training, design, testing, integration, other)

Note: All products, services, and support listed here have been submitted by the individual supplier companies. CableLabs, Canoe Ventures, and EBIF.tv do not verify the authenticity, performance, claims, or value of the companies or listed items. This listing is for informational purposes only and does not represent an endorsement or solicitation of the companies or the products, services and support presented here.

EBIF Supplier Directory

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Create: CloudTV Editor (CTE), an application authoring toolset based on standard web tools.
Fulfill: ActiveVideo Integrated Reporting, to support application management, targeted advertising data collection and reporting.
Support: CTE training and application design, development, testing, and deployment services.


Create: Templates for requests for information (RFI), voting, trivia and social media apps.
Deliver: AltiSynchro Carousel Server with ETV support.
Fulfill: Template management tools, AltiVBM Viewer Measurement System.
Support: Apps design, development, integration and deployment support.


Play: A "lab release" native implementation of the Moxi EBIF User Agent (spec version I04) for the Moxi HD DVR 3012 set-top box (resulting from ARRIS's acquisition of Digeo). The Moxi EBIF User Agent can be extended to newer spec releases and/or other Moxi set-top models under separate agreement.


Create: ClickableTV, a system that facilitates the creation and management of "clickable moments" in programming and advertisements. Includes an EBIF application that enables viewers to forward or bookmark their interests from TV to the Internet.

BigBand Networks

Deliver: BigBand's Digital Video Mux Processing platforms work with EBIF servers to generate video streams for bound EBIF PIDs (packet identifiers) and stream them to set-top boxes. Includes:
Broadband Multimedia Router (BMR) for video processing and transport; Media Services Platform (MSP) for application processing and delivery.

Comcast Media Center

Deliver: CMC's HITS AxIS service delivers applications to cable systems via a centralized infrastructure and its satellite and fiber network.
Play: Authorized reseller of TVWorks user agent.
Fulfill: HITS AxIS includes apps testing, onboarding, performance monitoring, metrics reporting.
Support: Apps development and design consultation, integration on cable headends.


Create: cablewidgets ETV application templates, polling application, and ITV Dashboard.
Deliver: DV-TIDE desktop headend for delivery of ETV user agents and apps to set-top boxes.
Support: Application development services, ETV test lab, and ETV development training.


Create: Ensequence Create enables interactive TV in advertising and programming across all EBIF platforms. Ensequence iTV Manager supports collaboration across work teams throughout creation and deployment.
Fulfill: iTV Analytics, audience measurement with Web-like metrics and reporting.
Support: Managed Services, Creative Services, Deployment and Integration, and Training and Support.


Fulfill: AdPoint Advanced Advertising Platform supports the creation, stewardship, and reporting for advanced advertising campaigns based upon open, standards-based interfaces.
Support: Design, development, and integration work, based upon Ericsson's experience in developing and deploying HSN's Shop by Remote application.

Flashlight Engineering and Consulting

Create: Templates and custom development of apps, tools, and data servers to feed applications.
Fulfill: Integration with application management and data collection servers.
Support: Technical training for ETV development; design, development, integration and testing services.

FourthWall Media

Create: Ad Widgets interactive advertising solution; applications including polling, RFI, click-to-call, telescoping, others.
Play: ETV Platform user agent, platform server, and asset manager.
Fulfill: Ad Widgets, for managing bound ad apps; TV Widgets unbound apps; AdAim for targeted advertising.
Support: TV Widgets Store with onboarding and delivery support.


Support: Product strategy, end-to-end solution architecture, feasibility studies, application prototyping and system integration consulting services for STB and connected device applications.


Create: Templates, APIs (application program interfaces), automated apps generation, and authoring tools for content developers and MSOs to provide commerce, RFI, and polling apps.
Fulfill: Enhanced Television Services (ETV) EBIF platform enables "plug in" to icueTV back-end fulfillment and data management for commerce and other interactivity.


Fulfill: ADS4EBIF, an EBIF-compatible solution for the INVIDI Advatar addressable advertising system.
Play: INVIDI user agent handles advertising selection in the client device.
Support: Fulfillment services for ad delivery and management, and viewing statistic collection.


Create: Application development services including licensing and support for FourthWall Media and TVWorks platforms and software.
Support: A suite of support services for building, managing and maintaining ITV initiatives, including consulting, integration, design, and implementation; testing services across multiple user agents and set-tops.


Create: ETV Suite, a design environment to create custom EBIF apps and templates; ETV Mosaic, a program guide enhancement that generates a tiled video channel with accompanying EBIF apps.
Support: EBIF Professional Services, engineering support to design, develop and deploy apps.

MediaFriends, Inc.

Fulfill: ETV/EBIF Caller ID application for TV; and MediaFriends Chat, providing private group chat experiences with Facebook friends and others across TV, PC and mobile screens simultaneously.

Mixed Signals

Support: Sentry monitoring system for EBIF performance assurance.

Navic, a Microsoft Company

Play: Apollo EBIF user agent supports ITV enhancements, EBIF application filtering, linear and DVR data collection, diagnostic and state reporting, and targeting.
Fulfill: Reveal provides privacy-complaint linear and DVR audience measurement reporting.
Support: Project management, training, and support with all offerings.


Create: NDS Application Designer for creating, modifying, and re-skinning ITV applications.
Deliver: NDS Interactive Headend, including management, scheduling, carouselling and prioritized delivery of multiple apps.
Fulfill: NDS Dynamic advertising platform, including usage measurement and enabling addressable EBIF advertising.
Support: NDS Professional Services for integration, testing, design, other support.


Deliver: TSBroadcaster carousel generator for transport stream generation, delivery, signaling, and playout; TSProcessor provides integration, analysis and management of ETV content.
Fulfill: TSMonitor monitors interactive applications, closed captions and subtitles within a transport stream.

S3 Group

Support: The deployment of deployment of EBIF-enabled ITV applications requires complete end-to-end interoperability testing of these services across multiple networks and platforms. S3 Group's StormTest™ is designed for seamless automated testing of multiple devices for interactive applications, embedded firmware and digital TV solutions simultaneously.


Deliver: MediaSphere TX, a broadcast-quality application carousel supports application streaming, playout and advanced advertising.
Support: MediaSphere Desktop enables application developers to test their applications using a set-top box and TV.

TVWorks, a Comcast Company

Create: TVWorks XDK, a PC-based tool for authoring and simulating applications, available for free through TVWorks Developer Network.
Play: TVWorks ETV Platform delivers the TVWorks ETV User Agent to Comcast and licensed partners. Includes TVWorks ETV Server to deploy apps.
Support: TVWorks Developer Network provides tools, resources, documentation, developer forums.


Deliver: UniSoft sells S&T's TSBroadcaster scheduler, carousel generator and play-out system; TSBroadcaster Enterprise Manager for multiple TSBroadcaster carousels; TSProcessor, for apps management; TSDeveloper, a carousel server and streamer for developers; and ETV CoDF Application Inserter, for inserting apps in transport streams.
Fulfill: XAV, an application validation and conformance testing server.

Visible World

Deliver: Visible World Edge Device for monitoring EBIF applications and setting business rules.
Fulfill: Visible World Decision Engine enables set-tops to tune to an addressable ad and collect data; Adtag and Adcopy support zone-addressable targeting, including EBIF advertising apps.
Support: Managed service for addressability, including campaign design, fulfillment, optimization, reporting.


Create: Zap TV2Mobile, an RFI application enabling viewers to send information from TV to mobile devices, includes an authoring tool with EBIF templates and file output.
Deliver: TV-to-mobile delivery, including publishing and dynamic loading of interactive ad campaigns.
Fulfill: Usage data managed through a Web-based data center.
Support: Creative design, integration, training.


Play: Zodiac EBIF User Agent available for PowerTV and tru2way® set-top boxes.
Fulfill: Zodiac Application Management server supports EBIF applications. As part of Zodiac's PowerUp platform, data collection and measurement tools are available.
Support: Development and deployment support, including system architecture and design, integration and delivery.