There is more to the art of fitness than simply lifting some weights everyday, or going for a run several times a week.

Weight lifting and exercise regimes can certainly make anyone fitter, and allow them to drop body fat. However the key to the art of fitness as a useful tool for improving health is to tailor it to every individual. Getting the pace of the increase in the amount of exercise is also a factor that needs to be considered.

Stretch Before ExercisingBefore doing anything else decide what you want to achieve from improving your personal level of fitness. Depending on why you want to enhance your fitness will alter the things you need to do to achieve your goals for a better body. For example if you want to lose weight you may be better off toning your muscles instead of trying to tone them up. Further more in such cases only light or medium weights have to be lifted as opposed to any heavier ones.  To go hand in hand with lifting weights you could raise your fitness levels by jogging or running, going on brisk walks, or circuit training. For people that have problems with muscle injuries swimming could be a better means to shape up without placing too much on their bodies.

On the other hand if you intend to build muscles up whilst in the process of getting fit then you will have to lift heavier weights. Not only will you have to lift heavy weights, you will have to lift such weights on a more frequent basis. It is better to gradually work up to lifting heavier weights, especially if you have not done it before. Lifting heavy weights if you are not used to doing so can cause unnecessary injuries. After all even the best planned fitness regimes fail or get postponed if you get injured.

The gradual increasing of the amount as well as the intensity of the fitness regime you are putting into practice is the most sensible way of avoiding injuries. Most of our bodies cannot cope with moving from no exercise to a great deal of it in one single go. Instead gradually increase the distance you run, or the weight of the weights, which you are lifting.

Gradually increasing your exercise levels makes it harder to give up exercising. People can find it difficult to keep exercising if they have over done it, making themselves ache and feel really tired in the process. Slowly building up allows you to get fit with less pain, and prevents losing will power as well as injuries.

Be careful what you eat, eat natural foods that give plenty of energy like pasta and potatoes. People that are attempting to build muscles should consider a high protein diet as well as cutting out fat.