The five-part flow of an interactive application

Once an EBIF application is conceived, created, delivered, and played on settop boxes, information needs to be processed about what happened—how many saw it, how many clicked, how many didn't click? And, for those who clicked—potentially millions of viewers—how do they then receive the information requested?

On the service provider side, "aggregation servers" gather all the clicks, and send any pre-approved data to a third-party fulfillment house, in the case of RFIs, or anonymized summaries to participating program networks, in the case of voting/polling apps. For advertisements, interactive clicks are aggregated, anonymized and sent up to Canoe Ventures for reporting, analysis and proof of performance.

The fulfillment process for advertising involves a set of CableLabs specifications, called "SaFI," for "Stewardship and Fulfillment Interfaces." SaFI (spoken as a word that rhymes with "taffy") is a set of web-based services designed to coordinate the creation, distribution and execution of campaigns.

Watch this short video clip to learn more about SaFI: